This is not an anti-rail website.

I am not against the rail. I am for the rail. I voted for the rail but much later realized that I voted based on false information. This website is to get the facts out there and to share thoughts about the project.


  1. The rail project would cost $5.29 billion (and no mention of GET funding)
  2. The rail project would go 20 miles to Ala Moana and have 21 rail stations at the original cost.
  3. The rail project would be built on time and on budget.
  4. The rail project would create 10,000 local jobs.
  5. The rail ridership numbers were grossly inflated.


Since the HART website does not have a lot of information, we were inclined to ask these questions:

  1. How much will the rail cost to get to Middle Street?
  2. How much will the rail cost to get to Ala Moana?
  3. When will the project be completed to Middle Street?
The Last Ten Miles-Rail Song

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